Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Even in my dreams, I am Pop Culture Ignorant

Warning: Rambling dream sequence without any editing because mah feet are COLD (it might snow? Sniff. Sniff.) and I need more coffee and I want to finish my sappy romance novel before the hellions that are the beloved fruit of my loins awaken.


I dreamt that I was at a Marriott's hotel with a 5 bedroom suite (when I dream, I dream big) when I received an angry intercom message (??? 1973 technology???) from a woman named Ms. Lowhahn. She was pissed about all of the puking she could hear through the walls and continued to rant and rave and scream that I needed to have some respect for her beauty sleep.

After deducing that no one in my group was vomiting, I headed down to the lobby with the faxed copy of our conversation (try and explain THAT one). The desk clerk told me not to worry, because that was an old customer who had been banned from Marriott hotels due to destruction of property and drunken/disorderly conduct. Apparently, she liked to call the guests and mess with their heads but it was ok because she wasn't allowed past the front door. To this I started shaking and the room kind of "boomed" as I said "but she was on the INTERCOM! Inside the hotel!" Dun Dun DUUUHHHNN!!!

The best part of it all is that I didn't realize until I WOKE UP that the "Ms. LowHahn" that I was dreaming of was actually "Lindsay Lohan." What the hell? Even within my own dreams I cannot relate to pop culture references? My sub-conscious is just as out of the loop as I am.
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