Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'll take this kind of hormone fluctuation ANY time.

Wow. Being a woman is pretty freaking weird. I mean, I was actually able to FEEL the shift in my hormones today. As in, I physically KNEW that my hormone levels were dropping. I paused in my straightening of the house, my shoulders dropped, my eyes teared up and the papers I was shuffling gently drifted to the floor...

Generally, a fluctuation of such magnitude would cause me to bemoan my life and fling my heart upon the keyboard in complete distress. But that's because there are usually major stressors in my life which are all too eager to fill such a gap in my optimism.

Today, however, as the mood within me went from pretty damn happy to anxious and then absolutely indigo sad, I found that I had nothing to be upset about. Granted, the house is quite messy and I have a long list of tasks to accomplish that may not be checked off today... But nothing is really... BAD. There aren't any disasters or troubled relationships or overwhelming chores that cannot be completed. My life is currently fairly untroubled with positive possibilities on the visible horizon.

Heh. It's odd. I can sense this PMS need to pick at someone or something. I can FEEL it. For the first time in a long time, I can acknowledge this temporary psychological imbalance for what it is without the desire to shatter a window or evacuate to the beach.

The kids are happily ensconsced in their DS's and books (and hiding from me lest their mom questions why no one has done any school work by 11:30), I am quietly drinking my coffee and slowly cleaning the living room and honestly? This is the BEST damn PMS day I've ever had.

So cheers! Raising my cup with a pitifully unwarranted and thoroughly grumpy expression.
Not today. I look much less cheerful....
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