Sunday, December 05, 2010

Who will be the First Gentleman?

"Mommy, why do the numbers on the girl presidents go 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,71?"

"What are you talking about, Corinne?"

She showed me the reverse side of the presidential chart we have which lists all of the First Ladies and their order of appearance. Did you know that a First Lady isn't always the wife of the president? Sometimes other women fill in when a president isn't married or if his wife isn't able to fulfill the duties. In the case of First Ladies 7 and 7.1 (hee hee), Andrew Jackson had his niece and then his daughter-in-law stand in for the title.

"Honey, those First Ladies were both for the same president. That's why they have #7 and #7.1. See? Look on the list. It happens again for president #10 and #22."

"Ohhhh... There were more girl presidents than boy presidents!"

I saw her getting ready to sing 'Girls Rule and Boys Drool'...

"Um, actually babe, there haven't been ANY girl presidents. Not yet."

Her little 21st century brain exploded at this bit of unjust information, and she indignantly pursed her lips.

"Why NOT?!?"

"It just hasn't happened yet. But it will one day. I promise."

(Let's just hope it's not Sarah Palin!)
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