Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Things I don't want to forget.... And excessive Christmas photos.

The pair of "underwear"* with a pink fuzzy tail from my stocking that I unwrapped while our children looked on. I never want to forget the looks on their faces or the sharp gasp of my voice when I realized exactly what I had just unveiled before their innocent eyes.

Unwrapping box after box of wine and booze for the new wine rack that Patrick bought me. I was thoroughly thrilled until Corinne exclaimed, "Mommy really likes alcohol, doesn't she Daddy?!?" FABulous. Awesome.(Holding the undies and booze... I wonder what he had in mind for Christmas night? That is, before we had to deal with puking children and our own aching, sickness-filled bodies...)

The screams of fear and joy as the new Air Hog helicopters buzzed around our living room, narrowly missing eyes and picture frames. No blades are broken. Yet.
(He looks healthy, right? This was mere moments before the next picture was taken. I SWEAR.)

The fact that I ignored Evan's declaration of nausea and need to throw up at my parents' house. In fact, I repeatedly told him to "suck it up" and "stop whining for attention." After he puked that very night on OUR couch, I have read "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" several times since. Trust me, I feel very little guilt for not responding to his legitimate stomach issues. That boy can whine better than an alcoholic at AA.(A better mom might have believed that he really felt nauseous, right? Yeah. Not so much with me...)

Watching Justin and his Daddy spend an hour creating their characters for the new Dungeons and Dragons game we got him. Oh, the things we do for our kids... (FYI, Pat is a Warlock. Justin is a Wizard Tiefling** and I am an Elf. We plan on taking over the land and kicking some serious mythological ass.)
Lying in misery in my bed in the days following Christmas and marveling over the fact that my children are old enough to exist without my immediate aid. It is AWESOME. They were slightly dirty and unkempt and I can't guarantee that they ate any actual vegetables or fruit for 48 hours, but they ATE and SLEPT and didn't get kidnapped. They grow up so fast!

Justin proclaiming (over and over) that this was the BEST Christmas EVER.***(1 out of 5 boxes of Megabloks Halo stuff that Justin was lusting after this Christmas. That boy has been building for about 72 hours straight...)This is the very last picture taken with my old camera!! See Patrick holding my new Nikon Coolpix L110?!? Santa totally listened to my cries of frustration over my old camera. Though my former camera was a great starter for digital pictures, it had taken quite a beating over the years. It barely survived the 5 year old who was also a 4, 3, and 2 year old photographer that tended to drop it on the floor. It also survived a husband who had it in his pocket when he jumped into the Canadian lake to save Evan and countless other unnameable misfortunes which led to the need to smack it on the table to turn it on, or shake it repeatedly to get the batteries to kick in properly. My new camera just TURNS ON when I push the button! No shaking required!! I am truly spoiled.
Corinne finally got her own big girl scooter! She is currently riding it around the house with jingly bells attached. It is quite loud and very... jingly.
Don't they look all innocent and sweet on Christmas morning? I love the magic of photography...
Take notice that my eldest is almost as tall as I am. Sigh... It won't be long, folks...

*I use that term loosely. Oooohhh, so loosely.

** Yeah, I don't know what it is, either.

***I have to agree...
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