Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bashing head against the screen as I type.

Oh. My. God.

Bloglines (the old-fashioned rss feed reader that I use) just got "updated" and by "updated" I mean SCREWED THE HELL UP!!

I am in the process of trying to transfer about, oh, 75 blogs or so from my old site to my new one but, in case we all forgot, I am in possession of the world's most ELDERLY COMPUTER EVER and this is not an easy task. (Yes, I would be happy to review a new computer. Call me. We'll chat.)

I beg of you; if I have EVER commented on your blog or if you comment here or if this is your first time (Hi! I'm not always this disjointed. Well, except for when I am...), please leave me a comment so that I can re-link you easily. Seriously, this SUCKS. Especially since the list ISN'T ALPHABETICAL! Of course not. It was probably designed by a MAN.


Also: New post at The Chicago Moms by yours truly...
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