Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Swift Kick

My first post is up at Mamapedia!


Just when I began to wallow yesterday in my own little pity party of financial woes and personal grief, I watched a recorded Oprah highlighting a couple who lost all 3 of their young children in a car crash. Bawling and furious with myself for the audacity I had to be so upset for so long, I released all of the pent-up shit in my heart and honestly thanked the universe for the blessings I DO have. I have the right to let the little things make me angry and annoyed. But I do NOT have the right to allow the tiny little blocks of strife to build up into a tower of supposed agony. The real tower of agony is one that those parents feel and carry with them every day.

So I gave my little blocks of irritating shit a swift kick and they tumbled down around my tear-soaked bedspread. They're still there. They're still irritating. But the tiny bumps in my life will NOT be permitted to become a road block.
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