Sunday, September 19, 2010

Overheard and Misunderstood

Recently shouted from the family room:

"Muwaaahaaa-haaa!! Suck on My Titty!"

Recently shouted from the bathroom where I was blow-drying my hair:

"WHAAAAATTT?!?! WHAT did you just say?!??"


Mouth completely open, I turned off the hair dryer:

"WHAT? Suck on my What?!?"




I furiously opened the door and flew down the hall to where my boys were playing Lego Batman on the DS. Before the fire in my eyes scorched them, I needed clarification:

"Ok. What? Suck on my WHAT?"

Clearly thinking his mother was a lunatic, Evan slowly stated,

"Suck-a-ma-ta-ting. I'm sucking up these Legos on the screen. See?"

Sure enough, his tilted Ds showed a little guy sucking up Legos so fast that he needed a new word to describe it. Hence, 'Suckamatating.'

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