Friday, September 17, 2010

Lucky 13

This is it, folks. Our 13th year.

The year we remember not because of job loss or financial issues. The year marked by no births, pregnancies, or house purchases. The year of figuring things out together and growing closer and achieving some of our dreams. The year of doing more for us as a couple and less for the needs of the children.

The year of focusing on US.
The one thing that has me embracing this whole "no more babies" idea is knowing that by finishing that stage of our lives, we are allowing a new stage to take precedence. The time where we can finally pay attention to each other!! What a concept... The whole reason for starting up this family gig of ours was the love we share. It's nice to have the ability to put our relationship back where it belongs: Above the Children.
It may be hard to picture if you have only little bitty kids. When your eldest is under 10 and you have several little kids going in different directions, it's ROUGH. Their needs are so immediate; so physically draining. There isn't always a lot left at the end of a day to stare into each other's eyes and profess the love that is still there, but slightly hidden...

Emotionally and financially, we were strapped. I am beyond grateful that Patrick's new job has opened up our lives to living together and seeing each other again. Throwing exasperated sticky notes at the other person as we passed in the hall on our shifts for sleeping wasn't the happiest time in our marriage...

Having my "baby" turn 5 in one month WILL be tough on me. I can't deny that I will always remain nostalgic for tiny babies and little kids. There's something special about that time in a parent's life. BUT. There is something special about this time in our lives, too. And I will NOT miss out on it by bemoaning what we used to have. Change is constant and I am embracing this new period, for as long as it lasts!

This is our Lucky 13th, babe. I can't wait to see what it brings!
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