Saturday, August 28, 2010

This is me, asking Fate...

I keep waiting for the change in our income to be reflected in our wallets and bank accounts. Sadly, it's still extremely tight around here, just with a much brighter projected future on the horizon. I know that the bills WILL be paid and soon, but it seems as though we're still taking 2 steps backward with every paycheck from Pat's new job.

Have I mentioned my woes with my refrigerator? It has been temperamental again and I fear that we will need a new one soon. As in, this week, soon. And I began to ponder how long we could survive using a cooler and pantry items, because THAT kind of cash isn't available, nor will it be for quite some time. Fate needs to LET UP on the problems. Just for a few months, please? Just a few months with no appliances fizzling out, cars stalling on roads in the boondocks, kids going to the E.R. or unusual expenses being thrust upon us. Just a FEW MONTHS to let us get the people paid off that we so desperately WANT to pay off, but keep struggling to even chip away at because of these damn unexpected expenses. I KNOW that by next year, if everything goes as planned, we will be out of debt or extremely close to being out of debt. I KNOW that we can do it, if only we can be allowed to put a little aside each paycheck!

Please, Fate; PLEASE. Just a little relief. Just a tiny break in the stupid situations that cost so much money. I know we've got it better than many people do. We've a home, healthy family, and prospects for the future. I know I'm being greedy here. But I still have to put it out there. One can't receive if one doesn't ask, right?
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