Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gonna go Back In Time...

Another lovely morning where my hormones and mother nature have decided it would be fun to see what would happen if they played jump rope with my fallopian tubes. Being female is SO FREAKING DELICATE! I adore being a girl, don't you?

Rawr. Reposting something funny (it is, damnit) because I am anything BUT amusing today.

Originally posted Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This is not a request for porn. I MEAN IT.

Should I be worried that my 4 year old daughter can tell that I am wearing lipstick, simply from its scent, when I lean over her head from behind to brush her hair?

"Ooh! Mommy! You're wearing lipstick! Can I have some, too?!?"

And then Patrick inquires, with a puzzled look on his face,

"You're wearing lipstick? What's with all the make up lately?"

And by "All the makeup lately" he means that I have washed my face every day and applied a bare minimum to cover any pimples or paleness before the little boy I babysit arrives around 1:30.

Which is more concerning? The amazing make-up sensing abilities of Corinne, or the fact that a little glossy lipstick and blush causes Patrick to be alarmed? I'm sure he was picturing me primping and preening for some random guy (I DO get a lot of UPS deliveries for reviews...) and the words "lipstick" and "showered" *falling in 2 consecutive days caused a few red flags to go up. I should be flattered, right? Because this is how I look on my "made-up days" at home:

I KNOW. The hotness is frying the circuits on MY computer, TOO! Sorry bout that.

Also? When trying to take a picture of yourself? It is advisable that you stop after 1 or 2. Otherwise, THIS is what tends to occur as a result...

What? It's just me? I'm the oooonly one who does this? As if. Come on. FESS UP. Show me your weirdest pics. (But this? This is not a request for nakey nakey shots. Those? Those you can send to my email). ***

*By showered 2 consecutive days, I mean that I managed to wipe the necessary parts of my body with a wet washcloth on one of those days.**

**Don't judge me.

*** please don't send them to my email.
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