Saturday, April 03, 2010

I'm 34 today...

But I don't look a day over 32. Despite the fact that WalMart doesn't card me for alcohol and their policy is to card anyone that looks over 40. Hey, WalMart? FYI? CARD EVERYONE. It makes us feel better.

I'll tell you this much about Facebook: It may be a time-sucking, brain-wasting computer application, but it has redeemed itself today. Never before have I felt so loved as when I clicked on it and saw dozens and dozens of birthday wishes for me! I feel so loved! Who cares if it only took them 1.3 seconds to type in "Happy Birthday" and move on to someone else? They took the time. And that counts.

On that note, I am off to finish my steaming coffee, smell my birthday roses and wonder about that bag on the kitchen table. (Justin and Corinne went to our friend's house for a sleepover so we're waiting for them to get back before I open it up). And while today may be my birthday, it is Evan's birthday party, so I have to get my booty moving on finishing up the house for the party. A couple of balloons and another swipe at the bathroom and we should be good.

Later, dudes.

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