Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quickly, before I go...

Stacia kindly asked me where I've been for the past few days. I was touched, but honestly, it's just been one of those weeks. Considering the fact that it is February (depression month for me!), there was a death in the family, AND I have my period (TMI? Too bad. MY BLOG, remember?), I am remarkably happy. But busy. For instance, these are things I actually said today:

"We don't put tape on the cat."

"You need to learn to read and write so that you aren't living in a ditch when you grow up because you sure as heck are NOT going to live HERE."

"Who put the sock in the toilet?"

"For the last TIME: just because you know that 'bitch' means 'female dog' does not mean you can go around telling me the names of all of the bitches you know." (That is the last time I have an in-depth conversation regarding the terms 'bitch' and 'ass' with my 7 year old. Another question he asked me was "Have you ever SEEN a real 'ass'?" )

On that note, I must vacate my little spot on the net once again. There are shirts to iron for tomorrow's final good-bye to a cousin, a plank of wood to purchase, sand and attach an arrow to for the Cub Scout graduation on Saturday and a house to clean for Justin's birthday party on Sunday. Lots to do and not all of it pleasant.

(Corinne is thankfully healing well and I am no longer worried about her throat. Thank you all for your concern.)

May your weekend be full of sunshine.

Peace, yo.
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