Friday, February 26, 2010

Let's Dance...

The moment has finally arrived. The night of the much-anticipated "Daddy Daughter Dance" is upon us.

"I can't believe my baaaaaby is big enough to go to a big girl dance!"

"Oh MOM-meee!! I am not a BAAaby! I am SO BIG. I'm 4 and a HALF." Bounce, bounce. Giggle, giggle.

"I know, I know. And I am so glad you're getting older, because only big girls can stand still enough to get curls put in their hair! And look how pretty they look!" (deftly avoiding her earlobes with piping-hot curling iron as she does everything BUT hold still...)

Much squealing. Many giggles. Hair spray floated everywhere, coating her in a familiar scent, but not one that I have ever associated with Corinne... Chapstick and oh-so-light, sparkly pink eyeshadow were applied for that special extra touch and she was absolutely glowing and ready to dance the night away.

"Now come over here, baby-girl. I need to take your picture on the piano bench. Do you know that before every single dance that your Mommy went to, she sat on her piano bench for pictures? Even on my wedding day, I sat on the piano bench in my fancy dress. And now you're going to a dance and sitting on the bench in your fancy dress...." (Yes. I was getting teary-eyed at this point)

Then they posed together; she in her pink flowers and curls, he in his blue shirt and tie. My tiny little "big" girl and her gentle giant of a daddy. And then her hand was in his and she skipped out the door into the night and straight to their grand ball at the local school gym.

And I am left to wonder at how I am here... How did I reach this point? This moment where we are at the beginning of it all... I am left to imagine the dances and dates and proms and wedding and, and... And my heart just clutches up a bit and my eyes just can't stay dry.

She looked so, so beautiful. SO incredibly sparkly and gorgeous. Her eyes were lit up for only Patrick and her happiness was so genuinely complete.

I cannot wait to see the pictures of their fun and hope that this First Experience remains with Corinne forever. I know it will remain with me.
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