Sunday, January 03, 2010

Ringing in the New Year with a Bang!

Wheeze... Hack... sniffle...

Don't get too close to my blog. I think I'm still contagious. Ugh....

I'd love to leave you with one of my many, MANY posts that have been started but left unfinished due to parental and seasonal duties, but this cold is knocking me down right now. I just managed to run the dishwasher and scrub 3 pans. Basically, the equivalent of washing just the tips of a small boy's muddy fingers and saying "Clean enough!"


I have been able to still my brain's throbbing long enough to jump head-first into my lovely piles of new watercolors, brushes and paper. I have never really allowed myself to experiment with that medium and since I'm such a tightwad, I never indulge in supplies for myself. Thankfully, I got ample goods from both my mother-in-law and my parents so I don't feel like I'm "wasting" my paints on paintings that I'm not 100% thrilled with. Instead, I'm ok with the results and remembering that it's not just the finished product that makes art enjoyable; it's the process.

Hacking so hard while I typed that that my stomach is sore... Better than sit-ups!

Peace out.
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