Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday Fluff

Whoooo doggy. I'm beat. From what, I dunna no. I am positive it has nothing to do with Evan's nightly nightmares or Justin's reappearance with asthma at bedtime. And it surely couldn't be related to the letters written below... (in green is Corinne's writing: "I will be nice." In the background is Evan's writing "I will not hurt my sister." I won't tell you which child screamed hysterically about having to do this punishment and which child happily took the writing utensil on their own to perfect her penmanship. Oops. I used a pronoun!)

It also has nothing to do with the birthday party on Saturday that I haven't planned a THING for (though Corinne wants chocolate cake with pink flowers pretty please. Can do. Can do...)

I'm sure it DEFINITELY has something to do with the fact that I am 100% out of coffee. I reheated day old stuff today and that? Is the end of my stash. There ain't no barrel to scrape and Thursday morning is looming awfully near for my taste...
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