Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Owie owie ow ow!

In. serious. pain. I cannot achieve my Wolf badge, apparently since I pulled my neck and shoulder muscle doing a backwards roll. I can feel the pain travelling down through my arm to my fingers.

This. Sucks.

it's one thing to hurt yourself. It's quite another to hurt yourself as you show a 7 year old how to do a "simple back roll! Come on! We can ALL do it!" on the grass and then have to refrain from some SERIOUS Curse words when you strain a muscle that objects to being used after 15 years of rest.

The best part? Besides the fact that Patrick isn't in town (OF COURSE NOT) to help me rub it out? The best part is that I rarely take medication, so when I actually NEED drugs to cut the pain? I have to make do with Vick's Vapo Rub, Nyquil and a hot towel. (Which, without the searing pain and someone to share it with sounds like everything one would need for a Fun! Night! In!)

Shoot me. Shoot me with something stronger than NyQuil so that I can pass out and let my body truly relax. Like Vicodin. Or Ouzo. I'd even take a great big shot of nitrous just to Make. This. Stop. Hurting.
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