Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Finish Line of a Loooooong week.

Crap. What does a SAHM who homeschools 3 kids while her husband is fishing in Canada for a week do when she looks around her house and realizes that the floor isn't just a touch dirty, it's all-out crunchy-filthy? And that the laundry on the floor is the same laundry from when her husband left the week before? Even though she has a legitimate excuse of, well, TEACHING her kids for 5 days, hosting a sleepover, attending 2 scout meetings, and managing to keep said offspring alive and moderately well-cared for EVEN THOUGH her neck still hurts like a bitch?

She sighs. And washes the dishes. And shoves the laundry into the drawers. And gives up and does an art project with her daughter.

Priorities, right?

Pat should be home late tonight. I will be waiting for him on the front porch, car keys in my hand so that I may drive off, laughing maniacally at the idea of Peace and Quiet.
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