Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tuesday Sunrise *

I wonder how many posts I have written in the wee hours? When Patrick is working and I have insomnia... When the kids are asleep and the cats are prowling... When my eyes are heavy but my mind can't halt activity...

Far too many posts.

Yawwwwnnnn.... (literally)
I sent off a late wedding RSVP yesterday without finding a sitter first. I then began making sitter calls and I am having a hard time finding someone! Crap. Still have Patrick's family to call, otherwise I get to make a really ridiculous phone call, "Hey, I know I said we could come and I replied 5 days late, but now I have to cancel. Have fun with the seating charts!" Considerate and classy. That'd be me.


I just got paged by my middle kid. He awoke to realize I wasn't in bed and rather than check the obvious location at 5 am (computer desk) he simply laid in bed, calling for me.


"What?" whispered shout.



"WHAT?!?" hissed and aggravated shout because I do NOT want 3 awake children right now. I have been up since 2 am, kiddo!


"Never mind."

Just looking for me. Just wanting to know where I am. Sigh... He is sweet. Attached to his family, unbelievably tight. And I? I am simply too tired to make any tender or witty observations regarding that trait. Honestly, I am beyond exhausted. Being tired like this is.... tiring. When you are finally ready to fall back asleep as the sun is rising? That SUCKS.

*Doesn't that sound like a mixed drink? Or a stripper's name? "I'll have another Tuesday** Sunrise, please. On the rocks." or "Hey baby. I'm Tuesday. Tuesday SUNrise..."

**Ever notice how strange the word "Tuesday" is? No wonder our kids have such a hard time learning to spell! Couldn't we pick 1 language to pull words from and stick with it?
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