Thursday, August 13, 2009

Drifting away again...

Ok, seriously? No comments? What. The. Hell?

Way to make a girl question herself, guys. Nice. Reeeeal nice. Oh, yeah! I'm looking at YOU. You totally know that you had the option to click through your feed reader and spread a little love, but instead? Instead you spent some time with your family or paid your taxes or something else that's equally mean.


I'm off to drink myself into a coma, thinking of ways to be snarkier so that you'll love me again.

Snark. Heh. Who the hell thought of that word? Whoever it is, I'll bet you she's piiiiiisssed that she didn't trademark it or something.

Can you trademark a word? Didn't some guy try to trademark "3 peat" when the the Bulls (DA BULLS!) were on their 3 time championship winning streak? Did he ever succeed? Cuz if so, I am TOTALLY going to trademark "Snark". But shhhhh... Keep it to yourself.

Day 4 (Eaaaaarly!!) Grateful for: the margarita mix in my fridge. The last alcoholic beverage left in our house. (hard to justify buying booze before milk or orange juice...) I've been slowly going through the weird mixes and random beers from parties past (and I am not a beer girl) and I have finally made it to the pre-mixed alcohol drinks in the back of the fridge. It was a little crusted over at the top though... Alcohol doesn't go bad, right??

Don't answer that.

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