Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Always Something...

So this weekend will find us cramming all 3 growing children into the back of Pat's Grand Prix for an hour ride to a company picnic. I am actually THRILLED at this prospect as I haven't left the neighborhood once all week.

I haven't left the neighborhood all week because the Big Red Van is in a car repair shop in a small farming town about 3 hours West of our home.

Our Big Red Van is in B.F.E. because it broke down when Patrick was driving the kids to the wedding that I missed when I went to BlogHer instead. It broke down during a hail storm, to boot!

It's STILL at the shop because we are struggling so much financially that the difference between the new part and a used part was WORTH the wait. Sadly, the Big Red Van will be getting a NEW computer thingy because there aren't any used ones available. This is FABULOUS news in addition to the letter I just received from the IRS stating that we made a mistake in 2007 and must pay the government some magical, invisible money that we don't have.

And this is why I am happy. Happy to be squeezing into a small car and going to a free company picnic with hot dogs and softball and fresh air. Happy to be able to leave those stresses behind, if only for a few hours. Happy that my kids will be able to enjoy a bit of the fun of summer, since Mom and Dad have royally screwed up the finances.

A totally unrelated question:

Is this something I should be concerned about?
Unclear? Here's a close-up...
Corinne has taken to tying cords and belts around her stuffed animals and hanging them from random locations. "They like it, Mommy!" Suuuure. They LIKE being hung by their necks... I had to clarify, AGAIN, that she can NOT tie up our LIVING cats. EVER. This is an ongoing conversation in our home. One which I hope I pound into her little head before she murders our cats...
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