Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lesson learned: Patting your own back can lead to a broken arm...

We headed off to Corinne's ballet pictures, Right On Time! Hair done. Shoes, hat, and dinner for afterwards packed into a cooler. All kids' teeth brushed and we were even EARLY!!

"I rock!" I must admit, I did think this to myself a few times...

You'd think I'd learn...

Apparently, not.

It wasn't until I saw the sign on the high school we were headed into that said "South High School" that I realized we wanted our town's NORTH high school for ballet pictures... DANG!!

Enter the Flex's ability to magically tell me where the North high school was. Unfortunately, it was on, well, the OTHER SIDE OF TOWN. (funny how that works...)

After listening to our teeny tiny guide in a box tell me where to turn, we bolted inside the NORTH high school and I threw Corinne at her dance instructor with the form (filled out. THANKFULLY) so that I could turn around and sprint back to the car to grab the ballet shoes that were still on my front seat.

I panted and straggled inside (I need to work out. I am old.) and somehow managed to continue looking like a ditz the entire photo shoot, but survived long enough to change Corinne into her jeans behind her brothers backs (in the hall!) and then get Evan into his soccer gear for practice.

Feeling a little more organized, we arrived at practice 45 minutes early on purpose. We ate our strawberries, Cheerios and fruit chews while playing at the park until we had to head to the soccer field portion of the park. It wasn't until I noticed that the soccer fields were BARREN that I remembered a crucial point; Evan has soccer on Wednesdays. Justin has soccer on TUESDAYS.




This is my life, folks. And my life includes Justin playing soccer 20 minutes late in his sandals.

Fine. Whatever. He played well and all was forgiven. We pulled out of practice only to have Corinne awaken from her short and spontaneous nap in the back seat. Screaming. Like a banshee. The entire drive home! This, of course, prompted Justin's "noise issues" so we now had 2 screaming children in the car. FUN! Yay for Mommyhood!!

When I unbuckled her at home, I realized what she had been bawling about; the poor baby had woken up only to have an accident in her car seat! She was mortified, to say the least.

Carried the soaking 3 year old upstairs. Washed her, changed her, Evan made her happy ("Can you knock me out, Rinny? How hard can you hit me?"). Flipped on American Idol and we all watched 3 very talented singers do a great job. Voted for Kris and Adam and sent them upstairs to brush teeth and get dressed while I straightened up downstairs.

Big mistake. Huge.*

Somewhere in the middle of reading The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe to Justin, Corinne announced,

"Mommy! There's water raining in the family room!"

This was just too unique to be a childish fantasy, so I raced downstairs. Sure enough, water was pouring into our family room from a crack in the ceiling!

In between voting for our idols and reading C.S. Lewis, Corinne had flooded the upstairs sink. Hot water, nonetheless!

The water is sopped up and I believe the damage is minimal. That ceiling needed a painting desperately, anyway, but I wish I didn't have additional stains on it. Especially since painting the ceilings isn't anywhere near being in our budget...

I am off to see what awaits me on my dvr. I need a girl show. I think I have the new Medium recorded to watch... Yes. That and a glass of wine should make everything better....

*Name that movie! Come on Stacey!
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