Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just a little bragging post...

Well, I was going to show you all 2 minutes of pure cuteness. A darling video that you ALL would have surely been enraptured by. I mean, my kids are as freaking amazing to everyone else as they are to me, right? RIGHT?

I thought so.

Sorry to say, but Blogger has once again made my life difficult and I can't upload a short video of 3 year olds dancing to "You are My Sunshine." Trust me when I say it brought tears to my eyes to see the 7 little girls that we've spent an entire year in class with doing their best on stage.

Go ahead, let your tears flow. Maybe someday we'll all get a lovely surprise and I will figure out how to upload videos without a techie degree.

I swear, this girl got more flowers for dancing for less than 3 minutes than I got for delivering 3 children!

I guess the priorities of our family are finally clear...

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