Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another First Milestone

"Miss Tracey, where's Corinne?" asked the neighbor boy who was playing with my kids and about 4 other neighborhood kids in my house on Saturday.

"Hmm? Oh. Um... yeah, she's upstairs or something..." said as I was reading a riveting post or updating a blog or renewing library books online.

"I looked for her, but can't find her." he said.

RED ALERT. Corinne has disappeared! This (sadly) happens more than I care to admit. She is a slippery little stinker who thinks she is 13 instead of 3 with "rights" which include being allowed to come and go as she pleases.

I began to yell for her as I didn't see her in the backyard (my first spot to search when she turns up missing). When she didn't answer my first 3 calls and when my next 2 calls of "You are SCARING MOMMY! WHERE ARE YOUUUUU?!?" I began to truly freak out....

Moments before I called 911, the kids shouted, "She's in the backyard!!"

And she was. There was my darling daughter, swinging without permission. To make things even better, she was in her SWIMSUIT. In her WET swimsuit, as she had gotten changed, left the house without slamming the screen door and went to the neighbors' slip n slide!

Can you say "grounded?" My toddler got GROUNDED for cryin out loud! She spent half an hour on her bed (crying) and then the rest of the night in the house with her nose pressed against the screen door while the entire neighborhood gathered in our backyard for a spontaneous hang-out session. She felt the pain, my friends. I am so overjoyed that she missed out on the fun (including launching rockets at the park with Daddy) because leaving the house unsupervised is NOT COOL.
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