Friday, May 15, 2009

Always looking for a silver lining...

Geez. I should offer cookies more often.

What a day today has been. The mood inside has matched the rain that currently streaks the windows and fills the ditches that were dug by plastic shovels... Basically, drippy and mucky.

And yet, I can see the rain letting up and know that these problems are temporary. All of life is temporary. The good and the bad. The rain always stops. The summer always returns.

None of the major issues we are experiencing will be noticeable in 5 or 10 years. Just your general, run of the mill financial fun stuff. Pretty common, nowadays. Hopefully, they will simply be a distant memory of a less than perfect time...

I hope that this weekend brings our family some much needed smiles. Corinne will flit across the stage in yellow and black polka-dots. My mother will meet her with flowers for dancing like a star and my mother-in-law will treat my family to pizza (a treat that I haven't had in ages and ages... Oh, how I miss you, pizza!).

Plenty of chances to see a couple of rainbows...
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