Monday, April 27, 2009

A not-so-manic Monday...

Today has been lovely. I got my kitchen sink sparkling last night and I'll be damned but FlyLady actually had a point... My kitchen is still looking fairly kept up. Even after a day of excessive laundry and homeschooling. I may just have to check their site more regularly...

Speaking of which, um, wow. What a nice day! The boys got good chunks of work done, intelligent questions were asked and some hands-on activities has left me with dirt under my fingernails and a smile on my face as I listen to the very gentle April rain watering our seedlings.

Sadly, my blogging life is going to continue to change. The energy I used to use on my posts is now being spent on lesson-planning and encouraging a 7 year old to write a story. I know that we are in a transition stage and things will slowly settle into a new routine. But in the meantime, I am embarrassed by what I am posting. So goes life.

Monday afternoon and not a care in the world! No homework, no soccer, no plans for the evening. Just a long stretch of time in which to fold laundry, watch some Brothers and Sisters and ponder important questions.


I did the March of Dimes walk yesterday. Thank you to everyone who donated! I had a good time, despite the weather, chatting with women I hadn't seen for years. This will definitely become a new tradition for me. It felt FABULOUS doing this walk!

You know, 6.2 miles doesn't sound long, when you say you're going on a walk-a-thon. It isn't THAT long, really. Especially when you're taking a leisurely stroll. But when there is a steady downpour, and you are power-walking the entire time? It's a bit long. Add to that the sporadic jogs after a child on a scooter (in the RAIN) and you will end up extremely wet and sore!

But it was worth it. Our team raised over $10,000 itself!! And some donations will continue to trickle in as company matches and late donations get tallied. As with any charity, there is never a time that you CAN'T donate. I highly recommend finding a cause you believe in and doing a walk. Even the smallest amounts make a huge impact.

I guess I could proofread this, but I am going to check out some fellow bloggers instead. Nothing like living on the edge, right? I hope that today brought you something unexpectedly sweet....
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