Wednesday, April 01, 2009

No April Fools...

You know, we are all fooled into thinking that granite is so hard, it's impenetrable.

We look at the sky and believe that it's protective shield will never falter.

We all look at the earth and KNOW that it's violently moving underneath our feet, but the motions are (for most of us) unnoticeable. This gives us the illusion that "our" world won't ever shake and quake. That the earthquakes, ozone holes, and shattered granite floors could never happen to US...

So when you experience that first tremor, the fear you feel isn't so much from the unmovable which is now moving. It's from the knowledge that there ARE no guarantees on this living, breathing planet. And that if the dirt beneath your feet can shift so easily today, it can happen again, and again, and again...

Being a grown-up can really suck, you know? I could really use a good blankie and my mommy to brush my hair. Instead, I am serving my SEVEN year old his birthday pancakes and pretending everything's ok... I am also wishing for that false feeling of anonymity that the internet used to offer me.

If you want to read something that's NOT fraught with metaphors, check out my article at Root & Sprout's April issue.
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