Friday, April 03, 2009

Nah nah nah nah nah nah, we're gonna have a GOOD TIME....

Ok now, that really stinks. It's my BIRTHDAY, folks, and nobody has signed up for my giveaway?? Is this a personal slight?

Come now. If you love me, leave a little comment love. It may be the only birthday present I get this year!


33 years young. Ah, alliteration. I love it. (But not in names. Hence, the reason why none of my kids could have some of the names I REALLY liked as they start with B.) (No offense to those of you who LIKE alliteration in names. I'm sure your own choice is lovely. I just couldn't fathom it for my kids.) (How many times is TOO many times to use parentheses in one sentence? You'd think I would know that....) (I'm not drunk. I swear.)

It's 7 am and my husband JUST pulled into the driveway. I have to scoot so I can do the kiss and hug before he goes to bed.

(I need to stay in here a minute. Patrick just pulled Justin into the kitchen for a "secret"...)

On that note, did you see ER's final episode? Did you say THANK THE LORD as I did? I loved that show, but holy balls, it had gotten so dang repetitive! Did you think that it would have really sucked to have been on the show for the past 5 or 6 years only to have the guys from the first few seasons come BACK and steal your limelight? I thought that that kind of sucked. It was neat and all to see their characters, but not for 4-5 minutes as a "catch-up". That show needed to end. Too many storylines that never got finished. Too much unfinished business. Too much emphasis on the patients when all I wanted was a juicier doctor character to get interested in.

Anyway. That's my 6 minute blabber while they wrap something upstairs. I hope it's shellfish. Really. I would love me some crab or lobster....
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