Friday, April 17, 2009

A brief blurb

I am so tired. Too tired to post again. Read my other blog to see why I'm so beat....

Right now? I am uploading a few pics of Easter and calling it quits for the computer. Our next 24 hours are so busy, it's ridiculous. Here's a rough timeline:

It is now 4:00 pm.

At 5:45 Justin has soccer pictures. We don't have the form to fill out or the shirt yet, so guess whose family needs to be super early?

Right after that, we need to go to the shoe store to get Justin's soccer shoes because guess who grew out of his shoes that were supposed to last 2 seasons?

At 7:00 is the Cub Scout Raingutter Regatta. A bunch of boys blow their pine boats down raingutters. It is wet and we will be tired...

At 8:30 am is Justin's first soccer game. No, he hasn't attended a practice yet. Why? Because we didn't hear about them until too late. So he is playing without practice... Great!

I will need to leave early to take Evan to his soccer pictures at 9:30 am. We will then rush back to Justin's field, pick him up and then head to a different park for Evan's first game at 10:45.

We will then zip home to spend a few minutes with Daddy who will be waking up around noon to take clients out for real estate all afternoon. He's also showing houses all Sunday, too. (basically, he's working every single day...)

Somewhere in all of that, we need to eat. And pee. I just pulled muffins out of the oven because I couldn't think of anything else that would keep but be filling that EVERYone likes to eat!

Dude. I think I need a nap after just typing that!

They don't look too tired on Easter morning, do they?Awwwww.... Nice Easter picture!

Hmmmm. Still a nice kid shot, but that dang van's in the background....
This was the best one of her. Seriously.

Running cousins and dog. It was a beautiful Easter....

Sheeeoooottt. I need a nap. I apologize for the crummy writing and editing which is NON existent. Must. Put. Feet. Up.
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