Monday, March 23, 2009


Well, we stayed up as late as we could last night, trying to tire Patrick out so that he could sleep in this morning. Get your mind out of the gutter. I have an aunt that is visiting, so we played Scrabble (kicked his BUUUUTTTT!!!!) and then watched part of Hellboy before we both fell asleep somewhere in the middle of it (AGAIN. We have never made it through that movie.) before midnight. Not quite what we had planned.... I purchased black curtains yesterday and they are making the room much darker (and they're so pretty. Just like a dungeon!). Hopefully, that will get him to sleep until at least 10:00. Realistically, he should sleep until noon or 1:00, but I don't see that happening just yet, so I'm setting my goals at a realistic level.

BUT, I realized that I forgot to get clothes out of the closet, so I am debating if I should just wear jammies all day (tempting) or go digging through the laundry room. Chances are, there is a load of clothes in the dryer that I haven't folded, anyway.... But I do NOT want to wake him up just to get jeans!

I let Patrick in on my mind's leaning towards homeschooling Evan, too. He didn't flip out quite as much as I thought he would, but doesn't see the advantages of it yet. I'm just warming him up, as I warm my own mind to the idea of all 3, all the time.

Yikes. When I say it that way, it sounds suicidal! But as I was driving past the school yesterday, I went through the advantages of schooling or homeschooling Evan. And honestly? The advantages list looked like this:

- Easier for me.
- that's it....

And then I felt kind of weak and my courage got boosted up. After all, I AM teaching 2 kids already. I think we're doing well with the slow transition. It feels really weird when everyone is home, including Patrick, EXCEPT for Evan... Like he's being sent out to school as a punishment. Also, he comes home from school tired and not divulging much of his day. He has math and reading homework EVERY night, and I don't force the issue every day as he's in FIRST GRADE. He should be able to play at the end of the day! So, we both get stressed over the work he has to accomplish, when he could be getting that full 30-60 minutes of undivided reading attention at home EVERY day with me, in addition to 2 tutors in first grade math. (Justin could totally benefit from showing his brother. Not sure that it would work out, but it'd be worth a shot!)

Hmmm. It's 7:30. Since we ARE still using regular school for Evan, I HAVE to get them all up for school. Which SUCKS!

I am SO going to push for this family change. Slowly, but surely, they'll come around to my way of thinking....
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