Saturday, February 07, 2009

The countdown has begun

The pre-teen boys will be landing at Casa de Our House in 2.5 hours. I have these last moments to go over my checklist of Necessary Requirements for a successful sleepover.

Skittles? Check.

M&M's? Check.

Ridiculous amounts of CAFFEINE FREE pop so that they can create suicides the likes of which you don't want to imagine? Check.

Ice cream and lots of toppings for a sundae bar? Check.

Ginormous pizzas to pop in at 6:45? Check.

Chocolate chip cookies instead of birthday cake for a picky boy who doesn't like birthday cake? Check.

Age appropriate movies that won't embarrass my (almost) 10 year old boy? Check.

Child 3 of 3 on her way to Nana's house for a special sleepover of her own? Check.

Child 2 of 3 almost ready to head to neighbor's house for his very first friend sleepover? Check.

Psychologically prepared for my baaaabeeeeeey to turn 10? getting there....

I was rockin those overalls, eh?
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