Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Bits and pieces, twigs and berries...

Basically, Yes. Yes, I am still alive.

But verrrra verrrra busy. (I like to type with a Scottish burr, now and then...) Got to help with the school's rock climbing during gym class, which scared the crap out of me. Imagine, if you will, having 20 seconds of "training" before being held responsible for making sure someone else's child is properly held 20 feet above ground, with nothing more than a 1 inch gymnastics' pad to ease their fall should my training prove lacking and allow them to plummet through the air. (Oooh! quite the run-on sentence, eh? Fun stuff.)

I also got to help in Evan's class today by punching out 100 circles for the 100 day celebration on Friday. What? You don't know about the phenomenom that is 100 Day? A regular fiesta of grand proportions, letmetellyou!

I managed to throw together, LITERALLY, from my cupboards and dwindling craft supplies, a project suitable for 6 year old boys to do at our Cub Scout den meeting last night. Just to prove how lazy I am, I spent over an hour and a half figuring out how I could avoid a trip to Wal-Mart (which would have taken only a HALF hour of shopping). In the end, the projects are FINE (paper plates, dried beans and construction paper are more versatile than you think) and the boys had fun. Isn't that what it's all about? RIGHT?

I moved the couch across the family room to make space for 5 sleeping bags today. Justin's sleepover is this Saturday and I didn't think the boys would want to sleep in the piles of crumbs and random bits of wrappers, toys and utensils that had accumulated under the couch. (though, they ARE boys...) GROSS. Ew, ew, ew. I need to add that as a regular chore. Move the Couch, woman!! After vacuuming, I realized that the stains were really icky, so I spent an hour scrubbing with Woolite Carpet stuff, which just resulted in slightly lighter stains surrounded by slightly lighter carpet. Basically, I spent an hour highlighting the stains. Time well spent.

The family room tv has been broken for at least a week now. Which is convenient for Justin, as he was grounded from video games anyway. But that kind of sucks for me, because I WANTED him to see his brother and sister and dad playing the video games so that he could be all "dangit! I need to work harder at school so I don't get my privileges taken away again!" Instead, it's been more of a "hey, we're spending more time together as a family and I don't think I WANT the tv fixed because I can still watch my shows upstairs but the kids are actually PLAYING together more"...

Whooosh!! Would you look at the time!?! The kids will be descending upon my quiet home any minute now. Buh-bye.
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