Monday, January 05, 2009

Pay no attention to the sparkle in his eye...

My middle child...

I'm not sure if his adorable face and wise-cracking ways are a curse or a blessing. Those big brown eyes have saved his butt more than once when his story-telling and temper has gotten the best of him.

I can only imagine that he and I fight so loudly and with such passion because we are so very similar. His quick temper and stubborn nature surely don't come from his mellow daddy, that's for sure... And it's all I can do to keep myself from regressing into a foot-stomping first-grader alongside him as we butt heads and bark at each other!

Always, he needs a reason behind an action or chore.

Always, he must react with drama. Be it pain, exhaustion, joy, or love: it is to the extreme.

Always, he has a story to tell. Nothing is cut and dry. Nothing can be simple.

Always, he is independent. (Even when I don't want him to be.) He forgets that he is only 6, and will be So. Much. Fun. when he is 14....

Always, he surprises me. Be it by cleaning a room and closing my eyes to shock me (really), writing me a book, or making up a story for the little kids so that they go along with whatever activity we're trying to accomplish.

Always, he is ready to curl up in my lap.

Always, he is the most emotional of my 3, (now that Justin has matured past his executive functioning disorder). Evan is the first to cry, the first to laugh, the first to joke, the first to shout.

Always the loudest child in the bunch, he still manages to attract friends like honey for bees.

Always, I love and adore him. Even when he stomped his feet on the way out the door tonight. Even when he proclaimed that he hated Cub Scouts and I was MEAN for making him attend. Even though I have spent hours setting up meetings and activities. Even though he had a BLAST (as always) at tonight's meeting.

Lil' hard-headed stinker. Don't know where he gets it from.....
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