Monday, November 17, 2008


So, when your kid makes a friend at the mall play area,
and you and his dad start chatting and realize that you live in the same neighborhood,
and that you're both home full-time,
and the kids beg to eat with their "new best friend" at the food court,
so you do,
and you get along really well,
and thinking you should get the kids together to play again,
and all of a sudden you're saying "See ya later"
but you feel weird about asking for a guy's phone number,
so you don't,
and then you are kicking yourself as they walk away, because HELLLOOO??? A new friend!! Give him your number, you freak!!

...Is that sexism?

It just felt ODD to ask for his phone number!! I didn't want to offend his wife. I have never asked for a man's phone number that I wasn't intending on dating, so, um... AWKward!!

Sigh. I guess I can just hope we meet up again on some off chance, because Corinne needs some real friends. Some friends that she makes on her own, that are her own age, that like her for who she is, not just because their parents are friends.

On a side note, regarding that play area... Corinne had her first real experience with snobbery/bullying. :( It had to happen someday, right? I was very proud of myself for not walking over and clonking those boys' heads together when they wouldn't let Corinne into the toy boat because she was a GIRL. But I was even prouder of my daughter when she let those rugrats know, in no uncertain terms, that she was getting into that boat.

OH YES SHE WAS. And no bossy BOY was going to make her feel bad. OH NO THEY WEREN'T! She even had her hands on her hips with her eyebrows at full mast.

They moved...

And she confidently climbed in to play the sinking ship game.

My baby girl. Giving me a glimpse of the strong woman she will become...
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