Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Meme

Thank you Fe, (unfortunately, I cannot find your blog to link to!! Please leave it for me, as Blogger is being all wonky today and I am just signing off after I finish this!!) for tagging me for the photo hunt meme! I am keeping this post on hiatus until I have a day where I just can't think of anything to post in November.... :) (apparently, TODAY!!)

Anyway! I have to go to my Flickr or equivalent type of account and post the 6th photo on the 6th page, but that one was of a tree branch that never got deleted and I am too tired to delete it so that the next picture is legitimately #6, so here is the next one that is a LEGITIMATE picture on my photobucket account:
Awwww..... (why so tiny? Weird...) Patrick and baby Corinne napping on the couch... sniff, sniff. He thinks his belly is hanging out. I say, puh-lease. If you wanna see a belly, catch ME on the couch unawares! 3 children makes for a lot of extra skin...

And number 6 on my 6th page on my computer is....

Justin becoming a Bear Scout, 2 years ago. Again, the legitimate #6 was unacceptable as it had other people's kids in it, and I don't do that, nor do I feel up to putting little circles over their faces, so I went to the next one... I KNOW. I am such a rebel. That, or lazy... take your pick.
I am supposed to tag 6 people, right? Oooookay!

Here goes:



Gettysburg Mom




So. TAG. If you do it, let me know, so I can be sure to look at your pics!!

Blogger is wonky today, so I'll assume the lack of comments this post gets will be from THAT problem, and not because you didn't finish reading yet another meme...
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