Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Da Winners!!

Congratulations to Lynsey and Gettysburg Mom! You guys win the cases of free steak sauce from Country Bob's! Please email me your addresses so we can send it your way!


To answer the concerned questions regarding my hand, Thank you! It has, miraculously, healed! I guess it WAS a pinched nerve (to a serious degree) and it just needed time to mend!! It really gave me an appreciation for every part of my body, even down to the littlest pinky finger. You don't realize how much you depend upon the small things in life until they are no longer available. I am back to typing like a demon. I have several posts in my head that need a little nurturing without the background noise that is my household, so bear with me, ok?


So, thanks to everyone who entered and I hope to be able to host another contest soon! It was so fun for ME!!
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