Tuesday, August 19, 2008

20 questions.

For cryin out loud, I got tagged. I always, ALWAYS forget to do these memes, so be shocked to your core that I am doing this, Stephanie. ;) Just kidding Steph.


Here we go.

1---Soda v. Pop. : I live in Chicagoland. It's POP. Not soda pop, soda, sodey or Coke. POP.

2---Regular v. Diet Soda. : Regular. Diet POP has a tinny aftertaste...

3---Diet Coke v. Diet Pepsi. : Refer to question 2.

4---Beer v. Wine. : Wine, baby. Beer's for 17 year olds. Err... I mean, 21 year olds. Yeah. Seriously, I grew out of beer when I was able to order something better at a bar. i.e. I was legal enough to be brave enough to order a REAL drink.

5---White Wine v. Red Wine. : Um, neither? I prefer my wine cheap and pink. The more it costs, the less I like it.

6---Panty v. Underwear. : There's just something creepy about the word "panties." Is it just me? It sounds like a naughty word, reserved for dirty old men.

7---Thong v. Other. : OTHER. I've had 3 children. I have a hard enough time picking the wedgies I get from regular underwear. Don't make me look a fool by trying to pick the un-pickable...

8---Silk v. Cotton. : For what? Underwear? Then cotton. For a dress? Well, still cotton I guess. Again, 3 children and silk don't mix well...

9---Boxers v. Briefs. : For my husband? Um, neither? Is that allowed? (hee hee...)

10---McDonald's v. Burger King. : McDonald's. ALL the way. I used to do taste testing for them, back in the days when I had a more flexible schedule. I'm still awaiting the release of a DELICIOUS honey mustard chicken sandwich. I ate the entire thing, even though I had to keep on eating for a while. I mean, they were just going to throw it away!!! And though I strongly encouraged (ahem, harrassed, I guess...) the man in charge of the survey, it hasn't appeared on their menu in 3 years... Dangit.

11---Chocolate v. Vanilla. : Chocolate. Why? Do you have some?

12---Sweet v. Savory. : I'm assuming savory meaning meaty and spicy, right? Because that is the way I will go 100%. Why? Do you have something spicy for me?

13---Plaid v. Solids. : There are very few plaids that I truly enjoy (including my family room couch. Ew.) so I will go with solids, though I do like most tiny prints...

14--- Flats v. Heels. : I am 5'2". My husband is 6'4". What do you think? (Though, I must admit, my feet are most often found barefoot...)

15---Automatic v. Stick Shift. : automatic. Do they still MAKE stick shift? Way retro...

16---Black v. White. : Again, for what? Black shows cat hair and white shows everything else...
Can't I just pick a nice small print?

17---Cursive v. Printing. : I'm more of a combo girl... At any time you'll find me doing both in the same letter.

18---Length v. Girth. : This is a FAMILY blog, people! (And do I really have to choose just one?)

19---Butter v. Margarine. : Margarine. Gimme some delicious plastic on a bun, please!

20---Paula Dean v. Rachel Ray. : I actually DO know who they are, I just can't stand cooking shows. I mean, that would kind of require me to cook, right? So, again, neither. I did like the Swedish Chef. That guy could cook in my kitchen, anyday...

I have to tag some unsuspecting people, now. Sorry!

I'll tag:






And I'm DONE!! No more memes for a while, cuz honestly? All of this linking kicks my butt...
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