Saturday, March 15, 2008

Elvis. Sweet, Elvis...

Can you see this? Can you see the Elvis sideburns and crooked smile? His red scarf around the neck? How about the electric guitars with their individually striped guitar strings? I also added a couple of screaming fans after this was taken, but forgot to retake the picture. Why did the ultra-NON-homemaker make sugar cookies so detailed, you ask? Why did she spend hours cutting out BY HAND (for there were no cookie cutters in my house, save the gingerbread man) and then decorating the ones that didn't break?

Ah. Well. That would be because I had "forgotten" (read: procrastinated) to make a cake for the Cub Scout cake auction for Friday night. So, on Friday morning, over my coffee cup, I said, "Crap!" and looked in my cabinet. Now, the rule for our cakes is that we usually end up buying our own. It just happens. It kills me, as I'd love to just drop a $20 in a bucket as a donation and call it a night, rather than making a complicated cake in a "theme" that everyone competes for. (This year, the theme was "Music") Seeing as how we don't really like cake THAT much, (Justin doesn't like it at ALL) I decided to just make sugar cookies and be all non-conformist.

So, I mixed, I baked, I frosted, I decorated. I was covered in goo and sprinkles all day and didnt' do anything else till they were done. Thankfully, we still got to the park and played outside, but the house is a disaster zone.

ANYWAY. Back to the story. We got to the cake auction, entered our cookies, and spent the evening wrangling 2 boys that didn't want to sit still and listen to the auctioneer. (Corinne was having a fine time in the sibling coloring area. We now have 8 pictures of Easter bunnies and shamrocks...) Some of these cakes were VERY fancy. Like, crazy fancy. The idea for most boys this year seemed to be Guitar Hero. (Imagine a super fancy guitar with candies all over it and figure out the amount of time required to do so... AAAAHHHH!!!) I figured we'd buy ours for no more than $10 and call it a night. The cakes were going for, I kid you not, 30, 40 and 50 dollars. FOR A CAKE YOU PROBABLY MADE YOURSELF.

Our cookies come up for auction, and, apparently, there were either a lot of Elvis fans or a lot of cookie fans cuz my 11 sugar cookies sold for $25!!! This may not sound like a big deal to anyone else, but to have ANY baked good of mine bring in some real cash? Makes me proud!

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