Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Must. Have. More. Caffeine.

I need an iv hooked up with coffee, cuz it's not getting to the bloodstream fast enough...

Evan was in our bed last night until 12 or so. I thought, "Aww. I'll just let him stay. He's getting so big, etc. etc. mushy Mommy thoughts, etc." By Midnight? I was hauling his sweaty little body out of my bed and off of my side. Lil pillow hog. Between him and Patrick (literally) I was stuck in an oven of a bed and couldn't even get my head on a pillow! And then Corinne woke up crying, "Pottttty, Mommmmy...." Needless to say, I'm tired, tired TIRED (add a Southern drawl to that last line, cuz I'm just THAT TIRED).

Ugh. Woke up to a fresh foot of snow, or thereabouts. I don't care about the real measurement, cuz if I have to shovel it and drive in it? Then it's a foot.

The house is a Disaster. Any room we have has laundry or toys scattered about (even the kitchen!) and the kitchen has the added fun of the dishes! Joy... I really hate housework, and what's killing me? Is that nobody else seems to care about it in my home. I don't need a clean house. But one where people attempted to clean up after themselves, even OCCASIONALLY, would be a dream home.... That's it. I'm making another chore chart. For EVERYone. Including me and Pat. I can't stand it that I might spend hours doing something, only to find it destroyed the next day... Because then it's like, what's the point? Why even bother? So, then the house gets to the state it's in NOW, which is downright embarrassing.

Then, throw in the guilt that I wanted to spend time with Corinne, painting and coloring and doing letters and what-not, and I'm feeling right jolly this morning.

I hate this time of the year. End of February through March sucks in the Midwest. Not that the weather is HORRIBLE (though, it can be) but just that we all get ready for that change of weather. I can't imagine how people even further North handle their even longer winters! I need to shed some layers for a few months.

Wah, wah, wah...

Well. I have to go dig the van out and hope we don't get stuck in the snow... especially since I'm wearing the yoga pants and sweatshirt I wore to bed last night and I'm not putting on a bra for ANYone right now. That's right: I'm looking HOT. So, should I get stuck in the snow, ain't NObody gonna be helping this damsel in distress!
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