Thursday, February 07, 2008

Luck or Fate?

As I was spinning wildly down my street today and crashing into the curb, narrowly missing a tree, I was strangely calm...

Truly, this is strange for me. Generally, icy roads and I do not get along. Doing donuts in a parking lot was never something I did and losing control on the ice will usually make me inhale loud and fast while clutching the wheel.

When the van skidded to stop, I paused, perpendicular to the curb with my van's huge rear end sticking out into a curve in the road and said a silent "thank you" that there hadn't been any other cars around. None behind me, in front of me or parked on the sides. Any of those things could have brought tragic outcomes. After I got my van out of the pile of icy snow, I realized that Corinne had stopped her tantrum over "More FRUIT CHEWS!! I want some!!!! Nooooowwwww!!!" just before we started our ice-capades. I looked back at her, and saw huge eyes and a solemn expression on her little face.

She knew. She knew how dangerous that situation was and how lucky we were. Even at 2, she knew to shut up and hold on. Did she have a premonition? Did something/someone tell her that I needed quiet to concentrate and keep my cool? I believe so... I know that I've had premonitions of sort throughout my life. A little voice that said, "No, go left today." or "Turn around, Tracey. Look behind you..."

Listening to that voice has saved my butt on occasion and led me to great "coincidences" on others. So. My word to you all today: listen to your inner voice. Pause and look behind you, and enjoy each moment that is presented to you.
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