Wednesday, October 10, 2007

decisions, decisions...

Need a little strength right now. Strength to make a decision that may go against my natural inclination to always be safe, always be careful... I'm trying to figure out if I'm supposed to take a chance, take a risk, or if the safe choice will bring regrets for not chancing the benefits.

Ugh... being a grown up can really suck. Isn't there a manual? Or a crystal ball to show me that the choice will end up being one of those decisions that is so clear in the future, so OBVIOUS that people will wrinkle their brows in confusion when we say we weren't sure about it at first? Yeah, that'd be nice.

At least it's not hot anymore! I have on jeans and a sweatshirt. HALLELEUJAH!!!! It's cool and windy out!! (Insert my big ole midwestern grin right here) Corinne is FINALLY wearing one of her adorable Halloween shirts - they're all long sleeve!

Ok, school in 20 minutes. Still haven't had my coffee.... Wish me luck...
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