Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Shirts and Skins

Ever see a soccer coach try to convince a team of 8 and 9 year old boys try to take off their shirts so that they can scrimmage shirts and skins? :) My son kept his shirt on. Obviously, because for a boy to have no shirt on at the POOL is ok, but in any other context? Apparently not. It does my heart good to see him having so much fun out there. And I am soooo grateful that his coach is not concerned with having a team of soccer prodigies. :)

(I am typing with a huge distraction right now. Laurie Berkner is singing "We are the Dinosaurs" over my computer speakers to keep Corinne from standing in front of the tv while her brothers play Xbox. And it's playing again... I'll know all of the words for SURE. Just what I always wanted!! marching, marching, we make the Earth flat...)

A busy weekend, for sure. We had a night in Chicago with Patrick's boss and his wife. I really like them and we had a great time. We went to Geja's fondue. It was good, but I am still WAY loyal to Melting Pot. Much more food for the money, and just as intimate. But Geja's did have that old Chicago feel. We then went to Second City comedy show after dinner. I had big expectations for this place, after hearing about it for my whole life. And I was a bit disappointed. I mean, these ARE professional actors, right? And they've been doing this comedy gig thing for years, theoretically? One actress in particular ticked me off because she couldn't keep a straight face through any of the scenes. Blech. I have been judging high school speech tournaments for about 8 years now, and have seen better deliveries by students than by these actors in some of their skits. BUT. A lot of it WAS funny. And 3 of the other actors were really good. Plus, we had ALCOHOL so I was enjoying my night, no matter what. That, and the whole no kids, grown-up scene. AND. I wore a skirt. With HEELS. And NYLONS. AND MAKE UP. And I looked HOT. My hubby even said so when he came home and said,

"Wow! I forgot how good you could look!"

Umm. I think that was a compliment, right? Implying that I need better personal hygiene?


A totally cute Rinny-ism tonight:

When reading about Harold the helicopter, she decided his name needed to be:
"Harvold the Happycopter."
I'm sorry, but that's freakin cute.
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