Friday, September 07, 2007

Clothing Sale!

Coats, shirts, Lego sets.
What's the price? Doesn't matter!
Clothing sale tonight!

A little Haiku friday for Mommy Story.

Guess where I'm off to tonight??? It's that time of year again. CLOTHING SALE!! Love it. Any Chicagoland moms who want to shop tomorrow morning from 8-12, there are 3 clothing and toy resales at the DuPage County Fairgrounds. Be early, bring a basket for your loot, and no children before noon or strollers all day. I am heading straight to the winter coats for Corinne, then the holiday clothes, and finally wandering through the daily clothing and toys. Hoping to find some Legos for Christmas, and new books and puzzles. I rarely, if EVER shop for my kids' clothes throughout the year but for these bi-annual sales. I get giddy.

BUT. The kids are fighting over the tv again, and I have yet to see anybody dressed for the day yet. And Corinne is NOT going to want to take off her Princess jammies... Should be FUN.
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