Saturday, August 25, 2007

A flibberdigibbit, a whill o' the wisp...

Soccer. Rain. School. Stop picking on your sister! More rain. Soccer. Ice cream.

Is that succinct enough? Been busy. Life is good.
My honey bought me flowers and candy the other day. Just cuz. Just cuz he loves me and he's sorry that his new job hasn't been shorter hours. Oh no... More hours, less Daddy time, more Mommy from sun up till sun down.

But I need to remember that if Corinne is being quiet in the other room, it's not usually a good thing. Especially if your box of Fannie May from dear hubby is sitting on the counter.

FYI, she doesn't care for the chocolate covered cherries, but the cream filled and pixies seemed to be up to her standards. Got a picture I have to develop soon.

Her response? "Sarsi, Mommy. Sarsi I eat spesilll candeee. Yummy, Mommy." as she popped the rest into her mouth.
We have White Sox tickets for tomorrow night, but can't use them because the boys were supposed to have soccer games. But, due to the flooding of the roads and the soccer fields, they're cancelled. So, we now have tickets but no sitter.... bummer.

But, next week, we get to go out to dinner and a comedy club in Chicago with Patrick's boss and his wife. I actually bought a new blouse and shoes. (Hey - my sister says that "blouse" is an old lady term. What's your opinion?) A red sexy shirt that I hope doesn't cling too much to my tummy. I almost brought it back until I remembered Old Lady Girdle Underwear!! A-HA!! Sucked it right in for me! Add that to control top pantyhose and I'm suddenly 10 pounds (well, maybe 4) lighter! Bring on the fondue and wine, baby!!! I'm ready for a grown-up night!

I feel so old, though. The husband and wife are my age, but are both professionals, living in Chicago, and have no children. I, however, have just bought my first pair of dressy pointy witch shoes and felt so extravagant doing so, because COME ON. When will I wear them again?

On an aside, Corinne and I went shopping together and bought the shoes and blouse (shirt?) together!! I went shopping with my DAUGHTER! And she loved it. And we didn't even need to head down the action figure aisle, or have to speed through(she did, however, request Thomas choo choo trains when we were leaving). LOVED IT. Oh, and apparently witch shoes mean that Mommy and Corinne need to go "Eh, heh, HEHHH!!!" with our hands curled by our cheeks in the shoe aisles.
In-SOM-niaaaaa!!!!! (sung to the tune of "Aquarius!")
So, this post is what we like to refer to as "stream of consciousness" or "train of thought." Very intriguing or very scary? Is there really a difference?
No, I'm not drunk.

But it couldn't hoit.

So. Have I lost every single reader yet?
I was very pleased with 2 potential meltdowns that we somehow averted with Justin today. First, he couldnt' find his Nintendo DS before we were leaving for Evan's soccer practice today, even though I told him 30 minutes prior to find it. Drama did ensue, but I told him that he should have gotten it when I told him to, and MIRACULOUSLY, he just sighed and trudged to the van. Coulda knocked me over with a feather. Like in Forrest Gump...

AND THEN, after soccer, we heard that all games were cancelled for Saturday, and his face just screwed up into a ball of fury and he started whining about how "It's not FAIR!! It's not FAIR!!" And I calmly replied (Stop laughing. I'm always calm the first 2-3 times I have to tell them something. It's the 8th or 23rd times that I'm yelling and covering my ears) that crying wasn't going to make the flood go away, nor would it endear me to him. This all was said while I made Evan stand against the van with his arms outstretched as a punishment for smarting off to me (ooooohhhh.... Patrick's Navy punishments are actually coming in handy!). So. I think I DO deserve a good drink. But I'm thinking more along the lines of a fancy schmancy coffee thing. With steam, and cinnamon, and my husband AWAKE and talking to me.

And for anyone who's thinking they're having a bad day, just remember this: at least you don't have to find THIS in your living room....
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