Friday, July 27, 2007

On my own, pretending you're beside me....

They're gone. I'm sad. It's about 6 am and I've been up since they left at 5.

Will he remember to make him wear his life vest every minute in the boat? Will Justin have fun? Will they catch fish? Will he melt down (scratch that: WHEN he melts down, will Daddy handle it well?)??

Sigh... I can't imagine what it'll be like when they grow up.

Speaking of which, I have started early and have been pumping up how AWESOME community college is so that you can save money on housing and school costs and live at home for 2 extra years (cuz he thinks that's cool, still) and THEN go onto a 4 year for your degree. Justin is ALL over that idea and has said yes, so I am holding him to it. :)


Miss Hope said...

Isn't it amazing how many worst case scenerios you can think of? My hubby calls me the Queen of Bad Thinking sometimes.

Just think of all the adventures you'll get to hear about when they get back. In minute details. And at least a gazillion times.

Phoenix said...

You know that's why kids become annoying that when they get to the age to leave the house, you are thrilled about it.

He'll be fine and they'll be back sooner than you think. :)

Kailani said...

You poor thing. I know just how you feel. I get like that even when I have an overnight layover! Hope the time passes quickly!

An Island Life

Lainey-Paney said...

If at all possible, get him to sign it in writing....even if it is in crayon.

When I was 10, I had to sign a contract with my father to get my ears pierced. It's in pencil...and funny to look at now.

My mom or dad randomly found it not too long ago....and it made us all smile.

Seriously....give it a try. If he signs it---tuck it away & show him later.

Melissa said...

I'm sure they will have a great time! :D When my oldest was gone, I called him once or twice a day... at first he seemed annoyed that I was checking up on him ... but towards the end, he was calling me!

Michelle said...

I hope they have a great time and you can relax and enjoy your time w/the other two :)

we are reilly said...

I often think about that same thing -- when my daughter will go away to college, I get tears in my eyes.....I don't know what I'll do! We'll have to create an empty-nester support group! :)

Ruby said...

I felt the same (sad) way...then they became teenagers!!!

Beck said...

I'm sure HE will have a lot of fun. I suddenly realized this summer - too late - that my daughter was old enough to enjoy a week at summer camp, but what had held me back was that I'm not old enough yet for her to go. :(

Elle*Bee said...

Son #1 went away to Boy Scout camp in June. I made Dear Hubby go with him (Dear Hubby volunteers with the troop anyway...). Still it was tough.

I just returned from 5 days in D.C. w/ my mom. It's *much* easier when you're the leave-r, rather than the leave-ee. LOL.

Still, I feel your pain.

Tonya said...

I'm sure the boys are going to have a blast! He might even surprise you and not end up having any melt downs?! I hear Canada is a very calming place to be ;) Good idea about instilling Community College now! I gotta start that today.

Jamie said...

OOhhh love love love that song (your title).
My hubby is going to be going away soon too, it is very weird when they are gone, isn't it? Enjoy the special time you have with the other kids, because it flies right on by.
Community college is good for saving money, but the first two years at a University are pretty amazing for so many reasons.... Lots to think about :)

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