Friday, July 06, 2007


Oh. My. God.
A cement mixer across the street?!?
Almost as good as the garbage man!

Experiencing some real happiness lately. Hormones in check? Possibly. Kids behaving better? Definitely. Patrick around more? Well, not so much, but he's much happier in his new job, so that, in turn, makes me happier. We are going to get Justin checked by a neurologist or psychologist or someone that my MIL is setting up. He is off the meds still, and is having WAY less anger management problems. He is still highly sensitive to certain situations. Like: the seatbelt MUST BE just so on his shoulder or hysteria will arise. His brother cannot be having a crying episode (especially in the car) or Justin will be screaming louder with a look of panic on his face "Make him STOP!!!". He can still have a furious breakdown, but they are a bit farther between than before. I have no idea if his attention is any better or worse without the medicine, but I had never had any issues before anyway. It was only when he was required to sit still for long periods of time at school, doing work that he could figure out way faster than the other kids. So, we'll see what other recommendations we get for that.

Anyway! I just got back from the pool with the kids. They are setting up some battle with their swords and Corinne is shooting bad guys with them. Little does she know that I am going in there to scoop her off to nap time. Heh heh... Evil Mommy. Thank God she naps so well! And then I get to eat my OWN bowl of Campbell's chicken and sausage gumbo (YUM) while Reading the Order of the Phoenix again. Gotta get ready for the new movie and book, ya know!!
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