Friday, July 20, 2007

Faux Pas (how do you pluralize French, anyway?)

I hate making social blunders. Especially when it's unforeseen by me. The internet can be a difficult place to foresee these mistakes. There is no tone, no inflection! I am usually the first person to say "Hey, be nice! We can't hear if you're sarcastic or serious!" but sometimes, (usually late at night or when totally distracted by children running amok and all) I type and then hit enter and then go onto my next blog to wreck havoc there.

I made a comment on someone's blog that I think may have started some hurt feelings. I didn't mean to, and if my comment WAS the culprit of an argument, I publicly apologize to the blogger (she has since removed the posts). I'm not sure, as I clicked away and then went to bed and never read any comments following, but I was trying to stick up for her in all honesty and may have sounded a bit harsh.

So, to clarify, for anyone who didn't read it: the topic was discussing daycare and preschool and how our children seem forced into structured care and school situations by society nowadays. She was merely saying that she didn't feel the structured situations were ideal for all families. Well, apparently people took this as a bash on working moms or something, and started putting in their two cents about how their kids were fine, blah blah blah.

Ok, this is MY blog now, so I get to put in MY 2 cents.

If you work, YES, your kids ARE fine! I AGREE!! Isn't that amazing?? And guess what? I am a SAHM, and my kids are fine TOO!! Also? I think it's fabulous that my kids get to grow up knowing their mom on a day in day out basis. FABulous!! But you know what? This does NOT MEAN that I think you are hurting your kids or that your kids won't know you as well as mine do because you work!!! Isn't it amazing how I can support both sides?!? (and the amount of exclamation! points! I can put in one paragraph?!?!!!!!)

I get really tired of people trying to justify their positions all the time. Honestly? I don't care if you work. I don't care if you have to work or want to work or can't find a job, unless you ask me for my opinion!! Otherwise, I'll just assume that you're happy with your life, or that you've made choices that you either wanted to or had to.
Oh, and guess what? I USED TO WORK. I know. Shocker. I worked for 15 months of Justin's babyhood... and hated every moment of it. But I had to work. Or so I thought. 15 months of daycare challenges and tears (mine and his), of frustration and sicknesses (chicken pox at 4 months people!) we (I) decided that working was no longer an option. I quit and I did daycare for a friend and I did piece work for my old company until we got used to the smaller income. We scrimped and saved and were thrilled when Patrick got a raise that evened out my piddly excuse for one. So I know, I know what it is to "have to" work. And, again? Unless you are asking me my opinion of YOUR situation, I don't have an opinion.

Wow. I ranted. And I'm thinking that I really should do a proofread (ahem) but I REALLY have to take care of a wet-bottomed baby that just came in here. Oh, and Evan just started his morning crying jag...

NO TIME to check!
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