Monday, June 25, 2007

Growing pains

Ahhhh.... rocking Corinne last night, I noticed how her legs are becoming more child-like and less babyish. sigh... It's happening. Despite all my attempts to keep her a baby, she is growing up - faster than her brothers did, and way faster than I am comfortable with.

Why do I let her drink out of a bottle on occasion when she is perfectly able to drink out of a "beeeg gurrrl" cup? Because I'm the Mommy, dammit. And I say so.

And did you know that Evan is going into kindergarten this year? EVAN. Kindergarten. Seriously? I am not prepared for this development. I must put it out of my mind as he has grown up while I was busy caring for everything else. He has become a BOY. A child, with no traces of infancy at all (save the baby talk that he does to annoy me and get my attention). He rode Tower of Terror twice, for cryin out loud!

And Justin. My Justin... I scramble to hold onto these last precious years of childhood with him... Before he becomes a pre-teen and I can no longer cuddle in bed with him (ewww! Mom!!! Gross!! - I can hardly wait.) I pray that we can tap into his brain and help him understand that there is only one "side" in our household. The FAMILY's side. That he can become not only brilliant but compassionate. That he can express his anger reasonably and not become a teen runaway that goes on Oprah and blames us for everything. Oh, and that I can get him to cut his hair. It's a mess. Does that make me officially old???

It's supposed to be in the 90's today. We will hit the pool, undoubtedly, let Corinne nap while they play video games and I attempt to make more of a dent in the laundry than I did yesterday.

OH! Did I mention my ecstatic JOY that The 4400 is on again??? I love this show. Seriously, I cried when I realized that Patrick had accidentally stopped the recording of the last season's finale. CRIED.
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