Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fruckity fruck fruck!!


I just had a moderately funny, er, I mean BRILLIANT post that is GONE. GONE because my 1 year old turned off my computer AGAIN!!

Suffice it to say that you would have laughed, smiled, chuckled and nodded in agreement over my anecdotes from today's excursion. You too would have cringed in disgust over the millions of cicadas at the zoo (Duh. Mid June in Illinois...) and shuddered in fear over my visions of "The Stand" and "Deep Impact" memories during dead-stop gridlocked traffic.

Oh! The laughs we'd have shared over the stories of 9 cute little kids sharing a day at the zoo. No tantrums! No tears! Holding hands and giggling.... sighing over the sweetness of that post, you would have agreed that today was a lovely day, definitely worthy of that lengthy post.

Alas. The post, she is gone. And I am furious with myself for shrieking at my baby for turning off the computer.... Bad bad Mommy.... Temper thyself.

It is nearing the witching hour. Corinne has just accosted her brothers with a water gun (hitting, not shooting, though I wouldn't put it past her if she could reach the faucet).
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