Tuesday, May 29, 2007

In which Tracey totally rambles off on several unrelated topics...

Ok. Gardeners out there, help me. When do you harvest broccoli? They are totally getting huge with little broccoli-looking sprouts but there are flowers on top! And while the flowers are pretty, I don't think I want to eat them. So, when is the time to expect fresh broccoli for us?

And onward! I am bummed that I had to turn the air on today. I was hoping to keep it off longer, but it's looking to be about 90 today and humid, and I can't expect the baby to be that hot all day long and actually nap. We do use our fans instead of the air most of the time. But is that really saving any electricity? Well, I'm sure it IS, as an air conditioner is cooling the entire house and our fans just cool our bedrooms, but I'm just curious. Oh, and I have it set at 79, which is the warmest I've ever set it at!

The pool is open!! Whheeeeeee!!!!! Patrick took my van to work today (he lost his keys at Indy 500. Anyone out there find them?) so I'm just walking to Justin's school and then we'll walk right next door to the clubhouse to swim. ~ I tried on my suit today. Oy... I am becoming the pear-woman.

Only 3 1/2 days of school left for Justin. Finally! I'm so ready for staying outside late and sleeping in (till 7:30!! Whoot!). We have so much scheduled for this summer, that I'm sure it will fly by. I hope to enjoy every day and not look forward to the next outing too much. We are going to have a week of NOTHING and then a week of daycamp, the zoo, Florida, 2 camping trips, Canada, Wisconsin..... Crazy. But fun. I'm hoping that the kids will be in the sprinkler at least a few times a week so that I don't feel guilty for running the water. My grass is already looking better than it did last year. Last year, we had a drought. You couldn't walk on the grass. It was crunchy! And you could totally see piles of rabbit poop everywhere as the poor bunnies were crazed. Plus, without any rain to break up the poop and no green grass to hide it, well. I had a problem with my baby playing with rabbit terds. It's one thing if you can't see them. If the kids are hitting them with a baseball bat though? Yuck.

I have tons of cleaning to do (what else is new?) so I am off.

Edited to add: When writing a brilliant post, such as this, do not neglect the children, for the baby will find a dry erase marker SOMEWHERE in the house and color on the family and living room carpets, the tile, and a babydoll. Oh, and herself. Obviously, it wiped right off of the tile (imagine that!) and took some effort to get off the carpet but the baby doll is now permamently striped.
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