Monday, April 30, 2007

Too much freakin nature!

Ok. Enough is enough. How many dead baby bunnies did YOU find in YOUR yard this weekend?

We found 2. Ewwww....

How many bees flew into YOUR Car window today?

I had 3. AAAAaaahhhh!!!!

And did YOU scream bloody murder when a lightning bolt cracked practically outside your window last night? Freaked me OUT. Sounded like a gunshot.

Thankfully, the ants that decided the cat puke in our front window was tasty (ewwwww) have decided to not come back as their relatives have met their maker. But only after Corinne stuck her hand in the bug spray repeatedly while I shrieked at her and had to wash her hands over and over (while she said "I wash! I WASH!").

At least I am happy that most of the veggies are growing. We also planted some beans and carrots this weekend, so we're anxious to see how those will do.

Patrick and Justin had an awesome Daddy/Son day on Saturday, at a Cub Scout outing. Archery, wall climbing, hiking, etcetera. They had a blast. And we hit the zoo yesterday, on another GORGEOUS day. Corinne absolutely loved EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL we saw and cried every time she had to say bye bye. Much inserting of the pacifier happened yesterday.

Oh, and a registered sex offender moved into our neighborhood recently. Lovely... But maybe this will be a wake-up call to some of the parents that let their kids run wild. And it's not the guys that are registered offenders that freak me out (although it IS icky to know he's there): it's the guys (and women) that haven't been caught yet. THOSE are the ones that scare the crap out of me... You just never know...

SO! On that note, let me tell you to go check your state's website for registered sex offenders (and other fun crimes) to see where your neighbors stand. It might surprise you (but hopefully, not). I think this will serve as an explanation for why my children will be walked home from school till they're out of college.
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